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  • Quality over everything; being precise and honest in all our works is a trait embedded in every member of the team.
  • Speed; why wait forever for what you paid for? Blue‘s tree services are delivered right in time.
  • Peace Of Mind; avoid the troubles embroidered in disappointments from the fly-by-night tree contractors in Louisiana. Spend time doing things that matter with your trees in the hands of {insert company’s name}‘s well-trained experts.
  • Save Money; extending our business here at Blue Tree, our main agenda is to make quality tree services available to all residences at budget-friendly prices.


The Perfect Surrounding

Commercial Tree Planting; are you planning to move into your all-new business location in Louisiana soon and would like to make it stand out with trees? Whether you’re looking to grace those desks with some mood-boosting, air-cleaning desk plants while avoiding getting your employees stuck in a cemetery of dead plants every week. Or you’re more interested in making a visitation to your office landscape a habit for your new business opportunities while making every lunch break nature-blessed to your employees. We have got you. From the easy-to-prune Sweetbays planted systematically around your patios and walkways, with their creamy white flowers dishing out citrus aroma into the breeze. To the umbrella-shaped Eastern redbud with its bright pink flowers. And everything in-between. Call our customer service for a quote.

Tree Removal

Letting go is hard. But it’s a choice we all have to make every day. Whether to create more space for your new project or to expand an existing structure, removing some of your trees can be the only option left. And for that, you can trust Blue Tree‘s expert-designed tree removal service delivered with safety and security in mind.

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Tree Trimming

Planting marvelous trees is not where it ends. It’s more like having a collection of the latest cars in the garage. The important thing is keeping them in a good shape all the time. And that is what Blue Tree‘s tree trimming service is designed for. We trim your trees for three fundamental purposes namely; keeping your trees within a boundary, reshaping them in an artistic fashion, and maintaining a clean look on them.

Tree Planting

  • Residential Tree Planting; so far, we have helped over 100 homeowners to transform their landscape through planting life-replenishing trees. We have also helped 100s of real estate agents to multiply the value of their properties, putting them on the commanding end when discussing the price of their properties with a potential customer. And we are so much interested in helping you achieve the same and more.


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